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Panerai Replica VS. Hublot Replica Watch

Here are some tips on choosing replica panerai watches or replica hublot watches, just read more to get more choice and suggestions!

In the 20th Celebrity Fight Night, Panerai will donates a Radiomir 1940 Oro Rosso-47 mm for the auction. This classic watch was launched in 1940 along with a collector’s edition. The evening party was held in Salone Del Cinquecento; the whole building is located in the Palazzo Vecchio, the Italy music and art center. Celebrities present will admire the Andrea Bocelli’s performance and a bunches of famous actors will hold the evening party, including the Muhammad ah, king of boxing. Masters from Panerai will show to illustrate its outstanding techniques and remarkable skills to wrap up the party.

The Radiomir California 3 Days is originate from the first try-to-do product Radiomir made for the Italian navy in 1936 by the Panerai watch factory, and it adopts the dial surface design of “a half Roman numerals and a half Arabic numerals”. It is said that the face dial design of this Panerai watch is from the box appearance of the Rolex early shipped with the watch movement., which let the watch and clock dealers in California apply, therefore the face dial design of the Panerai is named “California face dial”.

For the Hublot replicas, it is beyond doubt that the material and performance of Hublot Big Bang Ferrari is remarkable. You would not feel heavy when wearing it. The simple-manipulated chronograph is easy to operate and the fly-back make it possible to realize multiple recording. During the 1999-2004, the Six Consecutive wins made Ferrari fleet defeat its rivaland made Schumach win the crown. What’s more, 72 hours of power reserve can be categorized as a long energy reserve which is perfect for the daily use. So if you really love, then why not have it right now?

Delicate Engraving-Bvlgari Octo Series Man Watch

Octo means eight, and 8 represents the infinity and perpetuity in mathematicians’ hearts, and represent harmony of cosmic. For the Asian culture, it is reflection of prosperity and power. From architectures in Europe to Asian culture, you can see many octagons, so here today we brings a highly-recognizable Bvlgari Octo series with the serial number: 10245. This watch is inspired by the Italian architectures, and build a geometric beauty.

This black watch is fitted with black alligator belt with beautiful leather. The natural alligator skin belt gives off a powerful sense. This Bvlgari Octo Series has a medium size as it consists of 11o cuts, and every cut is processed with wiredrawing to make different layers. The case has a golden buckle that is made of rose gold which can reflect a person’s taste. The watch has two skeleton hands, and the thin hands gives off a masculine sense. The black paint is pure and gentle. At the 9 o’clock, there is a small second; At 3 o’clock and 6 o’clock there are a 30 minute-counter and 12 hour counter.

At 4 o’clock, there is a practical date display, and the rose gold presents its solid. The outside bezel is accurate to 1/5 second. the octagonal case back and eight screws fixed the dial, and a sapphire mirror is set at the case back so that you can see through it and see how this sophisticated movement works. Within the case there is a Bvlgari home-made BVL328 automatic winding movement which works at a frequency of 5 Hz. It is fitted with silicon escapement, and could offers 50 hours energy reserve. This watch is pure and beautiful, and through it charm, we could see how Bvlgari reflects on its value. Its shape melts with low-profile design, making it different from other watches. The bold design and brave proportion build a harmonious watch.

Tips on Choosing the Replica Rolex watch

Watch case: watch bezel, middle case and back cover

Watch bezel here we do not discuss the shinning bezel, because if your eye is right, you can distinguish the good or the bad bezel, as to the dog teeth bezel, the teeth bezel also can be seen easily. For the middle case, you need to see the outer case under the nine o’clock position clearly, as it is the place which is easily scratched. Of course, it will have a film to protect it. The wiredrawing of the back cover also is the same and it also has the film to protect it. But i think the details should pay attention to if you want to have a ideal Rolex watch.

When it comes to the watch dial, there are also the disk and the pointers, and you just keep in mind to maintain it regularly so as to make your Rolex watch has a longer life. For the calendar function of the Rolex watch, most of them are the jumping calendar, that is to say, when it is 24:00 o’clock in the night, it will jump to finish the action of changing the calendar, and for the purchaser, you should try to use this jumping calendar function when you are buying the Rolex watch to see what will happen during this process, and it is ok when happening within ten minutes of 24:00 o’clock.

Although there will have the plastic film to protect the Rolex watch when you are trying the watch in the store, we cannot guarantee the watch we buy will surely be perfect, and we suggest you look at the watch chain and the watch buckle because when you use the watch normally, the watch buckle will be scratched easily, so according to our daily habit, just see the place which is the most easily scratched during our wearing.