New TAG Heuer 2014 Formula 1 in 2014

In 2014, TAG Heuer launched its iconic Formula 1. A brand-new edition Formula 1 has a completely automatic winding movement to complete the quartz movement in Formula 1 watches. In the past years, TAG Heuer brand tried various way to design Formula one. Formula one is considered a basic TAG Heuer watch as it has a quartz movement. In early ages, it has some cool, colorful bezels which were quite neat. After that, many Formula one watches have been going down.

The new 2014 Tag Heuer Formula 1 has two movements: an automatic Calibre 6 automatic movement with Calibre 16 automatic chronograph. Calibre 6 has a small case that only measures 41mm in terms of its diameter, while Calibre 16 reaches 44 mm, slightly bigger than that. when you wear it in your hand, the new 2014 Tag Heuer Formula 1 CAlibre 6 automatic is quite an delicate watch that has easy and neat dial. Tag Heuer paid a lot of attention to offer a good readability, and that is really cool. In the past, there are rare watch in Tag Heuer Formula one that satisfy me as there are not so many good combination of hands and time scales. But not in those new ones, such as WAZ2112.FT8023 and WAZ2110.BA0875 that is one I want.

In addition to the big hands, and Formula 1 series has Calibre 16. In my opinion, this comes from the inner competition from Tag Heuer watch, as they has a lot of chronograph watches. I don’t mind Formula 1 series quartz watches, but Formula one mechanical watches seem to hard decisions for Tag Heuer. Tag Heuer Formula 1 CAlibre 16 Chronograph also has black-coated case. The chronograph watches have a bigger dial as they need to have more space for the moment and small counters.

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